A vine idea…

July 25th, 2010 | Posted by


Just reading over on wineanorak about Pisa Range, a small producer in Central Otago. Theres a comment about trialling sheep dags as a weed suppressant in the vineyard. This seems to be a classic piece of Kiwi number 8 wire styled ingenuity. And no reason why it shouldnt work. The dags probably not only block out light from the soil but could also act as a heat sink much in the same way the Sandihurst Glass trial did. There, we used crushed recycled glass as a vineyard undervine mulch in order to both suppress weeds and to try and alter the temperature in the fruit zone of the vine (by reflected light and heat) so as to provide a more positive growing environment for the fruit .   

As for the dags, surely the major question is, Does any of the flavour come through in the wines! This may in part be an answer to why, in the words of Anthony Hansen, “great burgundy smells of sh*t”.