If Music be the food of love…..

November 23rd, 2011 | Posted by

Then wine is its perfect partner, but choose well..Gramophone. A new study reveals wine drinkers should also consider what's playing on their stereo if they want the perfect tipple. The study shows that people   who drink wine while listening to music perceive the wine to have the same taste characteristics of the particular artist. The research published in the British Journal of Psychology found that for the best earthy and full-bodied Merlot taste experience, drinkers should try listening to Tom Jones. Or to add a little zing to a glass of Pinot Gris pull out the latest Lady Gaga album. 250 students - half male, half female took part in the study. They were given either Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay and played one of four songs on loop for 15 minutes picked for their contrasting musical characteristics. After five minutes the volunteers were asked to rank how much they felt the wine tasted like the musical descriptions: powerful and heavy, subtle and refined, mellow and soft, zingy and refreshing. The results showed the music the volunteers listened to consistently affected how they perceived it to taste..

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