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Sandihurst Cellar Door Don't worry, it's not a word or a typing error. I just couldn't fit the full catch phrase for our Online Shop into the title bar. So for those who haven't yet checked out (pun intended) or better still used the new facility, the letters stand for "So Simple, So Convenient, So Buy Some (and yes Ms Bea..., I know I shouldn't use capitals after ...

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Branding Iron I have been reading a business book lately and several chapters cover the whole issue of branding which, as we all know, can be crucial to a product's future. It made me think of Riesling. We get many visitors to the Cellar Door who start to tremor when you mention tasting Rieslings. Their faces speak a thousand words exhibiting fear of the imminent. You can tell that they have already ...

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Old Blogspot

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library It was just brought to my attention that we have a link from the old Sandihurst Blogspot to our new website, but not vice versa. So for those of you who want to have a look at the archives of Sandihurst blog posts, we've kept the old site going so they are all there waiting to be read and reread like a favourite novel!

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Wine Waiter’s Woes

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Wine Waiter "Oh no, which one is which? Ah, this one is the Chianti - it has a much sharper smell than the Pinot". With a flourish, our Wine Waiter at a well-known establishment then placed the 'sharp-smelling-Chianti' in front of Celia and the less 'sharp smelling' Pinot in front of Grampa. Unfortunately for this wonderful wine waiter, she happened to get them completely mixed up and Celia ended up taking a ...

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Great Vintage

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birthday-candle Celia's Vintage. She has done it again! Managed to get even better. Congratulations from all of us. Many more vintages together...

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A small world – Burgundy 2009

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Decanter Magazine video of the 09 harvest in Burgundy. What happens at Bouchard seems very similar to Sandihurst, but on a larger scale of course. Just illustrates that no matter where you are in the wine world, at the end of the day its all about best quality grapes handled with care all the way to


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The customer is always right…

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dec09 002

Some work in the winery this morning filtering a clients 2009 Pinot Noir in preparation for bottling in a weeks time. Yes you read it right, 2009. This is a very good wine from a really good vintage, but (i think) hasnt been allowed to reach its full potential that the additional maturation in oak would have afforded it. No doubt there is an element of financial pressure


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Riesling fruit set…

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grv 29dec09 006

With fruit set now over we can begin to get a feel for the size of the 2010 crop. Whilst weather over this important period was generally OK, the resultant 'set' seems to be down on what we saw last year. In fact it seems more in line with the excellent but low cropping 2007 season. Berry numbers on each bunch are on the below-average


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Inside the winery…

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winery xmas09

As we head into the New Year heres a photo of the winery. As a quick summary of where things are at the moment, all 2009 white wines have been recently bottled and you can see them there in cases at the back of the photograph. They are both single vineyard wines from Waipara, a Pinot Gris and a Riesling. More detail on those wines in future posts as they near


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Christmas break…

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Its not all work and no play at Sandihurst during Christmas time. Most people in New Zealand live within a few minutes drive of the sea and Christmas is normally warm and dry (well it is Summer).  The meaty smell of a BBQ is never far away and its a good time to be drinking wine, not just producing it. Christmas Day in Christchurch this year was a scorcher so it was


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