Pinot & Potjie Report

July 5th, 2010 | Posted by

A few pictures and a belated report back. Potjies on the fire Pinot & Potjies at Sandihurst 2010 The day started real early and building a fire in the rain is quite depressing... However, the rain cleared up, the fire burnt nicely, the pots went onto the fire on schedule (sort of) and the people arrived en masse. Got the heating right in the winery and having limited the numbers to 120, it wasn't as crowded as last time. Made krummelpap (crumbed maize porridge - the African version of couscous) this time and a couple of pots of rice (emergency fall-back). A beef potjie (poi-key) and a chicken potjie as the main courseĀ and apple pie to finish off with (for those interested in matching the wines, imagineĀ Pinot Noir, Riesling and Pinot Gris). Haven't had any complaints nor any reports of medical emergencies so I assume all went down well. Amazed at the popularity of the krummelpap - I was nervous that being a foreign and uncommon dish (outside of Africa), uptake might have been slow. I was wrong! Nicholas and friends performed a truly spirited rendition of African jazz and being inside an insulated but metal clad building made for very interesting accoustics! However, a fair amount of clapping and later on dancing indicated that the tunes and the rythms have an universal appeal. The auction provided some laughs and some good natured banter and ultimately did what it was meant to do - raise money for the rescue helicopter. We had fantastic volunteers that came to help with preparations, on the day and with the clean-up afterwards. Thanks! And then of course each and everyone that turned up, opened their pockets and supported the Canterbury West Coast Air Rescue Trust - THANK YOU!